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Gifting, treating, and celebrating.

Our Origin Story

Lush Dessert Bar is a modern dessert shop for gifting, treating, and celebrating. With its roots in Dallas, Lush also ships desserts nationwide.

The company was originally established in 2010 as Crav Alcohol Infused Desserts. The vision for the business started when the owner Nichole was working as a Recruiter for a major University. She oversaw the desserts for the school’s annual staff Cinco de Mayo party. It had been a hectic semester and all the staff begged the dean to allow margaritas at the party. The Dean was unwavering and said no to the staff members’ pleas.

Nichole decided to take matters in her own hands, she went home and added all the ingredients of a margarita to her cupcakes. She brought the finished project to the party the next day. The dean had a good laugh and was amused at Nichole’s creativity. Not only were they creative, but everyone loved the moist cupcakes!

The staff encouraged her to start a cupcake business (which she originally thought was a crazy idea). She was laid off later that year and the cupcake idea didn’t seem so crazy. Nichole initially opened her business in Wichita, Kansas. The business did very well and experienced significant growth from its inception.

Nichole an Air Force member and single mother of two knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to help secure her family’s future.

One Of A Kind

Lush, is the only bakery offering a full line of alcohol infused cupcakes in a jar. Although, the alcohol infused idea is novel…Lush is so much more than that, it’s Ahhh-mazing cake!

Bigger and Better...

A few years later, Nichole ended up closing shop due to her commitment with the Air Force but vowed to re-open bigger, better, and in the best location.

After thorough research, Nichole decided that Dallas would be the perfect home for her cupcakes. Lush Dessert Bar (formerly Crav Desserts) re-opened in 2017 in Dallas, TX.

When re-opening the business Nichole decided to address one of the issues that she ran across often during her first cupcakery experience. She would often get calls from the coasts, asking her to ship her cupcakes.

Shipping cupcakes had proven to be very problematic. This time around she opted for offering Cupcakes in a Jar, as, the shelf life is great and ships beautifully.