Cocktails + Desserts

Great for a night out. Even better for a night in. The Lush Dessert Bar offers a variety of cupcake options inspired by classic cocktail recipes and infused with alcohol. Using Bailey’s Irish Cream, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Deep Eddie’s Lemon Vodka, just to name a few, we’ve got flavors that resonate with your drink of choice. The proof is in every bite.

Though we specialize in alcohol infused desserts, we offer virgin options nostalgic of childhood drinks. Root Beer Float, Strawberry Lemonade and Hot Chocolate are some of our favorites.

Size Options

Our signature “Cupcake Jars” are two gourmet cupcakes, layered in a mason jar with frosting, fillings and flare! These jars can be customized, shipped and have an extended shelf life.

Looking for a unique gift for your customers, wedding, bridal shower or a milestone birthday?

We have the perfect solution for you!  We can customize all our jars to represent YOU and your special day.

Starting at $10/jar (Available in Six Packs).

The “Cupcake Shots” are bite sized mini cupcakes. The shots are perfect for tasting multiple flavors…because you won’t be able to eat just one.

Starting at $36 a dozen (the minimum order is 2 dozen, and will then be sold in multiples of 12).

Bar Menu

Classic Flavors

Top Shelf Flavors

Virgin Flavors

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